Breakfast is a NON-NEGOTIABLE on my lifting days

Breakfast is a NON-NEGOTIABLE on my lifting days

May 13, 2024Impact Everyday
by Cassie Day - Founder, All Day Fit & Impact Everyday Ambassador 

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over a decade and there is one thing out of all of it, that without a doubt has impacted my performance in the gym and my ability to build a successful business. A WHOLE FOODS BREAKFAST. There are no hacks or quick fixes here, just good old whole foods first thing in the morning. Let me break it down for you…




Here are three things that happen when you start eating breakfast:

  1. Breakfast kick starts your metabolism. Yes that means it keeps you regular, but it also means your body will become more efficient at breaking down your food to use as fuel throughout the day. When you skip breakfast your body will go into survival mode and your metabolism slows down in order to store food until your next meal.  
  2. Breakfast improves cognitive function and mood. Did you know your brain uses 20% of your daily energy? That can be as much as 500 calories a day. When you fuel your brain at the start of the day it can keep you focused, energized, and help you better manage stress. 
  3. Breakfast manages your blood sugar. Instead of getting a huge surge of energy from your coffee and feeling that hard crash at 3pm, eating breakfast can help sustain your energy throughout the day. Hands up if you get HANGRY on the reg?! 

Now, those are just the benefits of eating breakfast on a regular day… I haven’t even gotten to how it will help with your lifts in the gym.



How the heck are you going to get to work if there’s no gas in the tank?  FOOD IS FUEL, so when it comes to getting work done in the gym, I want a full tank babyyyy. 

We want to be BUILDING muscle in the gym, not breaking it down right? Well, when your body doesn’t have enough glycogen, which is quick energy - like carbohydrates, it will break down your muscle to use those glycogen stores as fuel for your workout… seems pretty counterintuitive doesn’t it? 

Eating carbohydrates before a workout will ensure you have enough energy for your workout. Including protein with that will support your muscle growth and repair, and prevent muscle breakdown. When we exercise, our muscle tissues undergo stress and damage, and protein is needed to repair and rebuild the muscle tissues. Protein can even help with your performance and endurance during your workouts, because protein supports the synthesis of enzymes and hormones involved in energy metabolism and muscle contraction. Want a better pump? Power up with protein!


Eating enough protein is essential for overall health. After digestion, protein gets broken down into amino acids, which are the building blocks of the body! Amino Acids are used for muscle repair, like I mentioned above, but also immune function and hormone regulation (talking to all those HANGRY humans!).


 When you start your day with protein it acts as a steady source of energy throughout the day. Remember when I mentioned carbohydrates being that quick source of energy, glycogen? If you aren’t going to immediately use that energy, you’ll end up getting a blood sugar spike and crash later on (just like your 3pm coffee crash). However, protein slows down the digestion and absorption of sugars (like simple carbohydrates) and provides sustained energy throughout the day, which can actually help you avoid that afternoon coffee or sugar craving.

This is why the Coaches at All Day Fit check-in on our client’s protein before every single workout! At the start of every session we do a habit check on sleep, stress, hydration, and nutrition. This gives us an idea of how full the client’s tank is for their workout. If they have a deadlift PR goal, you bet we are checking in to see they are fueling and recovering properly to make that goal a reality. The International Society of Sports Nutrition performed a study that suggests eating as much as 2g of protein per kilogram of body weight in order to build muscle mass. Do you know how much protein you’re eating?

If you have been feeling fatigue, dizziness, or an overall decrease in performance at the gym, consider your first meal of the day:

  1. Did you have one?
  2. Was it enough to fill your tank? 


    One hack to making sure you eat breakfast in the morning, is making it so damn good you dream about it the night before. 

    Here is my dream breakfast right here: scrambled eggs on a sourdough english muffin with avocado and tomatoes. Lately I’ve been adding cottage cheese to my eggs to get DOUBLE the protein. Did you know half a cup of cottage cheese has 14g of protein! Damn. 


    When I am in a rush, my backup is grabbing the Impact Kitchen Egg + Avocado Toast, Honey + Almond Butter Toast with a side of smoked chorizo and pickled cabbage. YUM!


     Whether you are looking to improve your performance in the gym, have more focus at work, or avoid that afternoon energy crash, my advice is to stop with the quick fixes and start making time for breakfast. Find sustainable energy and improve your everyday impact.   


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